Stools and table lamps: a unique and ethical decoration for your home!

Are you tired of uniform and soulless interior decorations? Kabambî offers you unique objects to decorate your rooms in an original way that suits you! Discover our selection of stools and table lamps made by talented craftsmen!

Aesthetic and unique stools!

These little booster seats are practical! They take up little space and can be used for sitting or as a footrest. We have prepared a selection for you to choose from!

With Moogoo, discover young designers from Burkina Faso

Moogoo is based in Germany and highlights the work of young Burkinabe designers and contemporary artists. Their unique pieces are made from recycled materials. Moogoo also provides us with materials for our metal lampshades, pendant lights and wall lights, which we have already mentioned here.

Nisa Tabru stools, in rosewood

These unique stools were created by designer Inoussa Dao in Ouagadougou. Both contemporary and traditional, each of these stools is handcrafted from reclaimed rosewood.

Post Oil stools, for an industrial spirit

The seat of these stools is made of a metal can that has not been altered in any way. The result? A unique seat, with an industrial spirit, as decorative as it is original!

Werkhaus, environmentally responsible

Change of universe with the creations of the German company Werkhaus. The colourful and poetic stools are made of recycled wood fibre panels, with non-toxic paints and glues. The different sides fit together perfectly, for easy assembly!

Voglrieder, cosy stools

These small 3-legged stools are made of solid untreated teak wood and covered with a stonewashed cotton cover, which can be easily removed and washed at 30°. Its size allows it to be used as a footrest. Available in various colours.

Table lamps for a unique lighting atmosphere

Table lamps bring a warm light into your living room, in the hallway or on the bedside table.

The Baladi cluster lamps from Maison Dar Dar

Install these hand-blown glass pieces made in Syria by talented artisans. To be hung or placed, they bring delicacy and poetry to your home.

Moogoo, the raw metal!

The originality of these post-oil "Ouaga" lamps comes from the shape of their base, and their lampshade made of metal from recycled cans.

Apapa lamps from Cousin Paul's Case

Handcrafted in Thailand, these "little balls of light" seem to float on their thin yet very stable base! Available in several colours!

The Karteko lamps of French creation


Made of antique fabric, this lamp is inspired by an old photography technique, giving the images a Prussian blue tint. Vegetal motifs are subtly drawn on it.


Delicate as a butterfly wing, the Chrysalis lamp is made of recycled paper and supported by a rough wooden base.

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