Kabambîan ethical and chic story!

Vitrine de Kabambî

Kabambîis the story of Claire and Martin, great travellers open to the world! Expatriates in Africa for 20 years, it is on their return to France that new professional desires appeared, nourished by this experience abroad.

To combine their passion for travel and their taste for interior design, they created Kabambîtheir home and garden decorating store. Kabambî ? It means big, giant, gigantic in Swahili dialect, and it applies particularly to the values advocated by Martin and Claire!

An approach united

Martin and Claire have decided to work in a spirit of solidarity by offering objects selected directly from their creators in the four corners of the globe. These craftsmen from the ends of the earth create unique, original and quality pieces and their collaboration with Kabambî allows them to support their families while giving a boost to the development of the local economy.

Africa, Asia, Maghreb and sometimes not so far away in France, the authentic objects of Kabambî are an invitation to travel and offer your decoration all its originality!


Objects of the world's end

Each object proposed by Kabambî has been handcrafted in an artisanal way. It is unique and authentic and brings an exotic and original touch to your decoration. The materials are mostly recycled and come from objects with a past. We can see the patina of time and the elements and these details make all their richness. The result of this upcycling? Unique pieces with a history!


Decoration for the house and garden

Kabambî offers you unique decorative objects for the house or the garden. Candles, frames, cushions, or even small furniture: every room in the house, from the living room to the children's bedroom, will see its atmosphere illuminated thanks to the objects selected for you by Kabambî. In the garden or on the balcony, the photophores, flower pots and other decorative objects bring animation and poetry!

You will find in the shop, in addition to the handcrafted objects, articles whose originality and quality have seduced Claire and Martin. Their best asset? They are produced with respect for people and the environment.