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Find here our selection ofdecorative objects for the home. We have found for you a wide range of items that will embellish your home from floor to ceiling! Discover the work of craftsmen and companies from all over the world: their creations are beautiful success stories of Upcycling.

Decorate your walls with our frames, mirrors, or posters, products of the craft.

Choose from our lights the one that will create the atmosphere you want for your room: hanging lamps, wall lamps or candles and candle holders, light is king!

Add your own touch to the decor of your room with our accessoriesincluding vases, hangers and many other items.

To bring even more comfort to your home, discover our selection of small furniture (footstools, stools...) and textile such as cushions or plaids.

We also offer you practical but aesthetic objects, for equip your bathroomand tidy up : baskets, pots, boxes, but also coat racks, coat hooks...

Decorate your home in your own image with the items Kabambî has found for you!

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