Tagua & Co

Tagua & Co has been creating unique eco-sustainable and ethical jewellery made of vegetable ivory since 2008. Its headquarters are in Nice and the workshop in Ecuador.


A story of encounter

Philippe CrochardThe photographer discovered the know-how and creations of Ecuadorian craftsmen with whom he became friends. From then on, he worked to promote the quality and originality of their work. He launched the colourful adventure of Tagua & Co to import and distribute a collection of exceptional jewellery made from the wonderful material of vegetable ivory.

Natural 100% raw material and a traditional treatment process

Tagua is an amazing eco-sustainable raw material. Indeed, its natural colour and feel are very similar to ivory, which was once an animal.

Tagua (or Corozo) nuts come from the fruits of tropical palms of the coconut family. These palms grow wild in the Amazon rainforest between 300 and 1200 m above sea level.

Extracted from their pods, from their albumen pockets: these nuts, which measure about 4 cm high, are used to create small objects and unique natural jewellery that are light, refined and robust. After natural drying, the vegetable ivory nuts are sanded, sliced and cut. Depending on the desired effect, the polished and patinated parts contrast with certain areas that are left rough.

The flamboyant beads are cut to size from the smallest pieces and scraps and then assembled and mounted delicately by hand by the craftsmen in the local Quito workshop.

The colours are obtained using a natural, shimmering pigment bath.

Ethical values and commitments

Tagua & Co promotes Ecuadorian handicrafts and supports fair trade, respected by all actors in the production and distribution chain. Naturally produced from annual harvests, vegetable ivory is part of sustainable development and respect for the environment. The marketing of these beautiful ornaments and handcrafted creations is a source of fair income for the local populations.

Tagua & Co- invitation au voyage