Baladi" T2 bicolor cluster lamp in blown glass.

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  • Magnificent cluster lampconsisting of approx. 92 drops (recycled glass) transparent & turquoise blown to the mouth, without mould by Syrian craftsmen. 
  • The drops are mounted on a metal frame.
  • Approx. 25 x 35 cm (+/- 5 kg)
  • For hanging or standing*.
  • Electrical kit supplied (2m transparent wire with switch, E14 socket, plug)
  • Bulb sold separately**
Reference : CD_0297

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Despite careful packaging, it is possible that one or two drops may break during transport. This does not affect the beauty of your cluster lamp. Simply remove the broken drop and the others will take their place.

* For use as a pendant lamp: Use of the electrical outlet in the ceiling. A hook is provided for this purpose.

For use in as a table lamp: use of the supplied electrical kit (except bulb).

**We recommend a 2,5 W LED tube bulb from "Girard Sudron". Sold separately on this site.

Recycled glass cluster lamp

"The House of Aleppo" works with 2 glassblowers' workshops in Damascus. The work of these workshops is of course considerably affected by the particularly difficult situation in Syria for several years, as everyone knows.

The way of producing had to deal with a smaller number of artisan blowers, and the high cost of fuel needed to operate the kilns.

But these Syrian craftsmen continue to work, to exercise their trade according to an ancestral technique, to ensure their own subsistence, and for the transmission of this traditional know-how. 

4 reviews for Lampe grappe “Baladi” T2 bicolore en verre soufflé.

  1. Damien P. -

    I have just received this beautiful Syrian lamp, bought a week ago on the site. It was sent with great care and speed. It is very fragile and there was no breakage. It was very well protected. The rendering is exactly the same as on the photo: a very beautiful light, original and precious.
    I recommend.

  2. Catherine L. -

    Good morning Mrs/Mr
    I am looking for this type of lamp but in transparent glass not colored
    Thank you for your reply

  3. Patrick B. -

    Beautiful belly lamp do not hesitate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Stephanie G. -

    This object is a sensation in my living room

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