Cosmos: Un magnifique fleur en métal recyclé !

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  • The COSMOS, une fleur élégante, à admirer toute l’année, in the garden, on the balcony, or in the living room !
  • Très élégant et réaliste associé à des graminées par exemple.
  • Fair trade. Creation ARROSOIR & PERSIL, Zimbabwe/ France.
  • Piece  uniquerealized handmade from recycled metal (*).
  • 1 tige à piquer
  • Variable height (from 50 to 65 cm).
Reference : CD_Cosmos

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(*) Le Cosmos que vous recevrez pourra être légèrement différent de celui en photo.

Le cosmos, une fleur très élégante, fait main en métal recyclé.

A poetic and personal touch on your terrace or in your garden with these superb flowers, simply to be pricked.

Maintenance tips: The creations A&P are protected by an anti-corrosion varnish. As with any other metal object that is permanently outdoors, you can maintain it. Apply a marine varnish or Rustol during the year. This little maintenance will preserve the colours of your object.

Watering can & Parsley markets its creations mainly at large exhibitions or garden shows, with florists and garden designers, as well as with some distributors, such as Kabambî !


between 50 and 65 cm


approx. 8 cm


Recycled metal, recycled metal - upcycling


approx. 1 kg (total of 2 rods)


Zimbabwe - Africa