Rouge- throat made of recycled metal (Upcycling).

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  • This cute robin, a faithful companion of gardeners, will delicately add a poetic note to your garden, or even to your balcony! We expect to hear it sing!
  • Fair trade.
  • Creation ARROSOIR & PERSIL, Zimbabwe/ France.
  • Piece  uniquerealized handmade from recycled metal (*).
  • L: approx.11 cm/ H: approx 6 cm.
Reference : CD_redbird

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(*) The robin you receive may be slightly different from the one pictured.


  • A poetic and personal touch on your terrace or in your garden with these pretty birds, which will become familiar to you.
  • Outdoor maintenance: The creations ofARROSOIR & PERSIL are protected by an anti-corrosion varnish. As with any other metal object that is permanently outdoors, and in order to keep the colours intact, you can simply maintain it throughout the year with Rustol, applied with a brush.
  • Arrosoir & Persil sells its creations mainly at large garden shows and exhibitions, to florists and garden designers, as well as to a few distributors, such as Kabambî !

approx 6 cm


Length approx. 11 cm


Recycled metal, recycled metal - upcycling


approx. 120 gr