Small nest" pocket box in real vetiver. MADAGASCAR.

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  • Lovely pocket box/basket made of vetiver root hand-woven in Madagascar.
  • It will decorate nicely and will delicately and naturally scent your living room, bedroom or bathroom.
  • Very pleasant scent, woody and green.
  • Outside diameter: approx. 25 cm - H: approx. 7 cm.
  • Also available in "big nest"..
Reference : CD_1445

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What is the VETIVER?


The vetiver is a plant that grows in many countries with a tropical climate. On the surface, the plant appears as large clumps of long green leaves. The roots run vertically and deep underground (up to 3 m deep).

For this reason, these roots are widely appreciated and used to fight against soil erosion: they retain soil and water on the plots to be cultivated.

The leaves are used as thatch or straw, but it is the roots that make it an exceptional plant.

From these roots, an essence with woody and green fragrances is extracted, which is highly prized in perfumery. Thus, in 1959, Guerlain creates its famous perfume "Vetiver. There are even a few hints of it in Chanel n°5...for example!

They also provide essential oils, known for their relaxing effect.

Another property of the roots of vetiver: they are an excellent moth repellent thanks to the natural insecticides they contain, the terpenes.

Flexible, these roots can be braided, like a basket.




approx. 7 cm


Plant (vetiver root), Vegetable (grass)


approx 40 gr


approx. 20 cm (outside dimension)



3 reviews for Vide- poche “petit Nid” en vétiver véritable. MADAGASCAR.

  1. Monique M. -

    I found this article GREAT and ECOLOGICAL and I took several of them as gifts. I will return to your site as it is full of very interesting articles. I also liked the way you recycle cardboard from your suppliers. BRAVO

  2. Jean Pierre L. -

    Ordering on the web was a bit complicated but delivery was fast and the price was reasonable. We had seen the item on the world!

  3. Roland J. -

    Beautiful little pocket, smelly and particularly cool.

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