Blue hand-blown "Grenade" glass. Syria.

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  • Blown glass to the mouth, without mouldby Syrian craftsmen according to a traditional ancestral method *.
  • The glasses are dyed in the mass.
  • Diameter approx. 7 cm and height approx. 10 cm.
  • This is recycled glass which serves as raw material.
  • Note their robustnessThis is due to the special firing technique.
  • Sold individually.
  • Available in several colours.
Reference : CD_9002

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The colors and shapes are beautiful, and of course each glass is a unique piece because it is blown without a mould, which is the most beautiful effect when they are presented together on a table.

* Some glasses may have small inclusions. Each piece is handmade, so the intensity of the colours may vary slightly from one glass to another. This is what gives the glass set its character.

Discover THE DAR DAR HOUSE (formerly House of Aleppo) in our section "Creators" .

The DAR DAR House works with 2 glassblowers' workshops in Damascus. The work of these workshops is of course greatly affected by the particularly difficult situation in Syria over the last few years.

The way of production had to deal with a smaller number of artisan blowers, and the high cost of fuel to run the kilns.

But these Syrian craftsmen continue to work, to exercise their trade according to an ancestral technique, to ensure their own subsistence, and for the transmission of this traditional know-how. 


approx. 10 cm


Recycled glass


approx. 7 cm