PANIER à BÛCHES ou GRANULÉS, Tadé, pneu recyclé

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  • Elegant basket with riveted handles.
  • Dimensions : Diameter: 54 cm, total height: 30 cm.
  • Ecological made of recycled tires, hand stitching and sewing, hand cutting.
  • Practice for stocker les bûches ou des granulés (capacité 15 kg) as storage for magazines, laundry, toys, and diving suits*...!
  • Solidthis basket is very resistant. It retains a perfect fiteven empty!
  • Inspired by the traditional Country Bag used in the Middle East and the Egyptian Zandil used for the transport of heavy materials.
  • From the range Tadé Pays du Levant which is part of the fair trade charter.
  • Made in Vietnam in an artisanal way.
  • Each bag is unique!
    Reference : Basket-Usupneu02B

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    Many customers have bought it to carry and store their surf and diving gear! They appreciate the robustness of the handles (riveted) and the hold of the bag!


    **Each bag is unique because it is handmade. Depending on the nature of the recycled tyre, there may be slight differences from one item to another. Let yourself be surprised by the bag you receive!


    The artisans offer a second life to the tire with a manual labour deadly. They thus testify to the talent of recovery in a context of scarce resources, where any material is used... stimulating ingenuity.

    The textile-reinforced tiresdifferent from tires in Western countries, are stripped with a knife for up to 12 layers to emerge. These preformed sheets maintain the shape of the tyre. They are then rolled, cut, sewn or rivetedto create objects that are useful in everyday life.

    TraditionallyAt the time, local production was limited to standard tote bags with handles, used to carry rubble on construction sites.


    30 cm


    approx. 54 cm.


    Recycled tyre - upcycling