Figurine upcycling bougie d’allumage “Super héro”.

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  • Upcycling figurine “Super Héro”. 
  • This super héro is a handicraft creation carried out at the Burkina Faso from old motorbike engine spark plugs (upcycling), and metal from recovery.
  • Each figure is unique (*)!
  • Env.  14 cm (H) x 6 cm (L) x 10 cm (P).
  • Imported by Moogoo Creative Africa.
  • Discover other characters.
Reference : CD_Super-héro

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* Chaque figurine upcycling “Super héro” est une pièce unique.

La couleur de la bougie d’allumage peut varier d’un super héro à l’autre (jaune, blanc ou orange).


Moogoo Creative Africa  is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Founded in 2010, Moogoo aims to to promote talented young African designers and contemporary artists in Europe in a sustainable way. They have neither the means nor the access to distribution channels in Europe.


The design is contemporary, the craftsmanship is manual, and the materials used are local. Moogoo is an actor in the fair trade. Local production based in Ouagadougou, fair wages, sustainable production: what Fair Trade means to Moogoo.


14 cm


approx 6 cm


upcycling, recycled metal


approx. 10 cm


approx. 160 g


Burkina Faso