Carnet “Kham” graminées. Papier Lokta. NEPAL. Lamali.

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  • Ce Superbe carnet “Kham Graminées” séduit par sa jolie couverture et son système de fermeture, aussi original que secret !
  • 96 pages de papier vergé crème. Couverture en papier lokta népalais.
  • Fermeture par un lien en coton, rondelle de cuir, cordon doré, pompon rouge.
  • Env. 13,5 x 19 cm.
  • Un très beau support pour ses notes personnelles, ses souvenirs de voyage, des photos…
  • Fact by hand in Nepal. Une carte explicative accompagne le carnet.
  • Fair trade.
  • Marque Lamali Paris.
  • Une chouette et chic idée cadeau !
    Reference : KhamGrami

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    *Le papier “lokta”de Lamali:


    Lokta paper is a paper made in the traditional way in Nepal. It was originally intended for the writings of Buddhist monks.

    It is made from the bark of a bush, the daphne, from which a paper pulp is made. The leaves are dried on wooden frames in the wind of the hills.

    This paper was originally a natural beige/grey colour. Nowadays, it is sometimes dyed (e.g. the cover of the notebook). The contemporary handicraft production follows the traditional production processes and bears witness to an ancient know-how.

    Beyond its function as a handmade travel and writing or sketching book, it is a beautiful object to which you will become attached.

    With its refined cover and variety of papers, it is also a very good idea for a stylish gift to someone special.


    Learn more about LAMALI's commitment to the workshops since 1993 Nepalese.


    19 cm


    13,5 cm


    Papier artisanal, Papier vergé


    .env 200 gr