Notebook - BAUDELAIRE's poem. Lamali

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  • Made entirely by hand in Nepal, this booklet is characterized by the use of a singular paperon Loktawhich has its origin in traditional Himalayan paper.
  • The poem  "Invitation to travel" from Beaudelaire y est imprimé dans son intégralité.
  • A beautiful object, que vous aimerez avoir à portée de main ou offrir !
  • 64 white pages + coloured lokta pages.
  • Available in several colours.
Reference : CD_Baudelaire

In Lokta paperThis is the traditional paper used by Buddhist monks to record religious texts. Made according to a ancestral know-howby grinding, washing and drying the bark of a shrub called daphne.



From this traditional method, the notebooks are designed and imported by Lamali.

Beyond its function as a notebook, it is a beautiful object that you will become attached to.

It is also a very good idea for a stylish gift to someone dear to us.

Find out more about the collaboration and commitment of Lamali auprès des ateliers népalais, ainsi que sur le papier lokta dans l’article de notre blog “Lamali : l’artisanat du Népal va vous séduire !”.


21 cm


15 cm


1 cm




blue, taupe - grey, plum, red