Victorian mirror frame 30 x 36 cm. TRIBES & KINGDOMS.

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  • Rare piece! Frame mirror made of metal, made from old fake plates Victorian ceilings, original patina.
  • Provenance: South Africa. Brand name: Tribes & KingdomsParis.
  • Completely made and adjusted handmade.
  • Each piece is unique in its pattern and assembly.
  • Hanging vertical or horizontal (notches).
  • Dimensions: 30 x 36 cm (mirror 21 x 15 cm)
Reference : CD_2393

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A magnificent mirror frame, for a high-end decorationYour interior will be like no other!

Sold with this mirror placed by Kabambî, but you can of course put a family photo in it (for 15 x 21 cm photo). Back of the frame easily removable.

The Victorian plates or Brooklyn Tiles, were used at the end of the last century in many English-speaking countries. They were used as false ceilings. Unique pieces from South Africa. More on TRIBUS & ROYALTIES in our section “Our Brands & Designers.


36 cm


30 cm


Recycled metal


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South Africa

Type of metal

Raw metal