Tree of life "Roots" Ø 60 cm, in recycled metal. Handmade. Haiti

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  • TREE OF LIFE "Rootshand-chiseled from a single piece of recycled sheet metal.
  • No welding!
  • The metal is embossed to give the different reliefs on the leaves, the birds, the roots.
  • Ø env. 60 cm. Poids: env. 1,5 kg
  • The metal is simply cleaned and varnished.
  • Handmade in Haiti.
  • A magnificent UNIQUE* piece!
Reference : CHE002-60

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(*) L’arbre de vie “Racines” en métal de récupération que vous recevrez pourra être légèrement différent de celui en photo.


Our partnership with Anne Mucci Collection est né d’une rencontre fortuite lors d’un rendez- vous auprès d’un autre de nos fournisseurs. La personne, les objets… tout chez Anne Mucci Collection reflète une conviction forte, un sens aigü de l’humain et un regard d’artiste.


Anne worked for years exclusively with a workshop in Japan. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti moved her deeply. She went there and chose to help Haiti by supporting a craft know-how, very developed since the fifties in Haiti: the bosmetal. 

An incredible result, with rudimentary tools!


Recycled metal


approx. 1.2 kg


approx. 60 cm