Tree of life "Roots" Ø 60 cm, in recycled metal. Handmade. Haiti


  • TREE OF LIFE "Rootshand-chiseled from a single piece of recycled sheet metal.
  • No welding!
  • The metal is embossed to give the different reliefs on the leaves, the birds, the roots.
  • Ø approx. 60 cm. Weight: approx. 1.2 kg
  • The metal is simply cleaned and varnished.
  • Handmade in Haiti.
  • A magnificent UNIQUE* piece!
Reference : CHE002-60

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(*) The metal tree of life that you will receive may be slightly different from the one in the picture.

Our partnership with Anne Mucci Collection was born from a chance meeting during an appointment with another of our suppliers. The person, the objects... everything at Anne Mucci Collection reflects a strong conviction, an acute sense of humanity and an artist's eye.

Anne worked for years exclusively with a workshop in Japan. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti moved her deeply. She went there and chose to help Haiti by supporting a craft know-how, very developed since the fifties in Haiti: the bosmetal. 

An incredible result, with rudimentary tools!


Recycled metal


approx. 1.2 kg


approx. 60 cm




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