Perfume your home with our vetiver root baskets!

What could be more pleasant than to enter a house with a welcoming atmosphere? Kabambî has selected for you some enchanting fragrances to give your home a unique olfactory identity.

The baskets made of vetiver roots of Passer'Ailes

These beautiful baskets are woven by the women of our supplier's partner workshop Passer'Ailes in Madagascar. These little nests are charming but their main characteristic is their perfume. They diffuse a pleasant woody and soothing smell in your home. Guerlain has used vetiver as a component of its perfumes!

Nids en vétiver

Vetiver is an oily plant found in tropical countries such as India, Sri Lanka or Madagascar, with multiple assets. Its main use is the production of essential oils, but thanks to its long roots that can reach 4 meters, vetiver is also a precious ally in the fight against landslides and erosion.

In addition to its use as an essential oil known to promote relaxation and reduce stress, vetiver can also be used as a very effective natural insecticide against moths.

Passer'Ailes offers you the opportunity to incorporate vetiver roots and their virtues into your decoration in the form of small braided nests, to be used as cubby holes. Small bundles are also available on our site, to be slipped into your cupboards to perfume your clothes and prevent the arrival of moths. To revive the smell of your vetiver baskets, simply moisten them from time to time.

The "Candles Herbivores"delicate natural scents

Discover the "Herbivorous Candles" by Delphine ReposeurThis designer, based in Paris, uses natural, vegan and biodegradable soya wax, as well as perfumes from Grasse. This Paris-based designer uses natural, vegan and biodegradable soy wax, as well as perfumes from Grasse. In Herbivore candles, no toxic products, no CMR! No GMO or paraffin, derived from oil, either! The glass jars are infinitely reusable.

We offer you 5 enchanting fragrances that will take you to a world of relaxation and cocooning. Other fragrances will soon be available at Kabambî, in view of the end of year celebrations.

Bougies Herbivore

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