Litogami - France

Very ingenious little objects that work thanks to thesolar energy

Marc Lebas is a designer of decorative objects and furnishings.
For the past 13 years, he has been working on the development ofsolar energy. Anxious to give more meaning to the objects that surround us, he founded Litogami in 2011.

Litogami's creations evoke the objects of yesteryear and at the same time illustrate the values of sustainable development. He is also working on the development of objects using new "green" technologies with French design offices.

Litogami's objects are ecological and socially responsible, with simple design and affordable prices: poetic and playful objects that educate children and adults while having fun.

Paper objects and photovoltaic !

These eco-objects have the particularity of associating a technology of the future, photovoltaic, a timeless design, and a paper structure easily customizable: The first of them, CASAGAMI (night lights - houses) appeared in 2013, the second, AUTOGAMI (car), was launched at the Maison et Objet show in September 2015. AUTOGAMI will win the silver medal at the Lépine International contest in 2016.

The solar battery is refillable. The cardboard comes from sustainably managed forests, the printing is certified Imprim 'vert (non-toxic inks and responsible waste management).

Litogami is aimed at children and adults alike: design lovers, eco-friendly parents, creative children, holidaymakers, scientists and interior decorators.

Litogami entrusts the packaging and the management of the shipments to disabled people at the Ateliers du Château in Rueil Malmaison and at the ESAT Agnelis in Agen. The boards and packaging are made in France.

Points of sale: Litogami objects are present in 40 countries and are offered mainly in bookstores, concept stores, museum shops, organic shops, and toy stores.