Panier à linge ou de rangement paille et wax jaune / orange recyclé.

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  • This beautiful basket will serve as a laundry basketbut will also look great at the exhibitionfor there tidy up with style on the sofa, or on the blankets children's toysnewspapers...
  • Pratique aussi dans une chambre d’enfant !
  • In straw and fabric wax jaune / orange / noir recyclé.
  • Handcrafted in Senegal.
  • H: approx. 60 cm, Ø approx. 45 cm.
  • Each piece is unique*.
Reference : LAB2OR

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*As these large storage baskets are unique handmade pieces, there may be slight differences from one item to another. 


The concept:

Created in 1995, EA Deco is specialized in the creation and importation of decorative objects whose lines pay tribute to theAfrica (in this case Senegal), and to its creative genius.

EA Deco likes to use the expression “œuvres à deux mains”to illustrate its concept and its way of working, where Western artists and African craftsmen, create, from traditional techniques ancestral, of the contemporary works.


A social commitment:

To guarantee the continuity of the brand and an irreproachable production, EA Déco has opened a weaving training school for young girls from the villages.

In Africa EA Deco is present in 14 villages which is equivalent to approximately 2000 women employed.

They are paid on a piecework basis: each African baskets induces a percentage paid to a cooperative type GIE.

This participatory system allows to finance projects such as the weaving training school, wells, photovoltaic panels etc.


A humanitarian commitment:

EA Déco, along with sixty other designers, is a sponsor of the NGO Prometheus Humanitarian by the donation of goods. In accordance with the approach of the association, the profits generated by the sales are directly transferred to the creation of homes for street children (Senegal, Haiti and Madagascar).

Through the creation of these centres, Prometheus Humanitarian is developing a long-term action to enable children to benefit from long-term follow-up in terms of health, culture, training and integration until they reach the age of majority.


approx. 60 cm


Straw and African fabric (wax), Vegetable (grass)


approx. 5 kg


45 cm approx.