LA BOUGIE HERBIVORE N° 12 "Tendre Etreinte", 100% natural, Rose and Cardamon


  • "Tendre étreinte" vegan candle
  • Naturally scentedwith the delicate scent of Grasse guaranteed without CMR*.Made in France, hand-poured in an amber glass jar.
  • Scent Rose & Cardamom
  • Wax from soybean 100% natural (non-GMO).
  • Eco-responsible and recyclable.
  • H: 8.2 cm, Ø: 6.4 cm, 300g (140 gr. wax).
  • Combustion: 40h.
Reference : BougHerb-No. 12

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Original discovery candle 100% vegetable

The young French designer and craftswoman, Delphine Reposeur hand-casts her herbivorous candles. She works in a spirit of eco-responsible and recyclable. She knows how to select and combine fragrances in her workshop in eastern Paris. The Soy wax is 100% natural (guarantee non-GMO); the wick is unleaded and woven cotton: allowing for a healthy burning.

Scented candle with the fragrances of Grasse

The herbivorous candle is delicately scented with  fragrances of Grasse (CMR* free: non carcinogenic, non mutagenic, non reprotoxic). 140 gr of wax in its amber glass jar.

From the soft and sweet note, to the fruity, floral or oriental note, the herbivorous candle will match with softness and harmony to your interior, and will accompany your relaxation and the space of a "cocooning" moment.

*The 6 fragrances available :

  • Bourbon Island (coffee & vanilla) - Soft and sweet note
  • Eternal Fig (fig & edelweiss)- Fig & edelweiss floral note
  • Neroli Light (orange blossom & verbena) - Floral & oriental note
  • Okinawa Mist (cherry blossom & sea air) - Floral & fresh note
  • Star powder (Sandalwood & Jasmine)
  • Land of fire (Amber + Teak & Tonka)
  • Tender Embrace (Rose & Cardamom)

Advice for use :

We recommend that you burn the candle between 1 and 3 hours, not more than 4 hours.

The glass jar can be hot.


approx. 8 cm


300 g


Soy wax (GMO-free)/ CMR-free natural fragrances


approx. 6.5 cm




Bourbon Island, Neroli Light, Okinawa Mist, Eternal Fig


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