Bergamot handmade candle + reusable jar. Handmade. Handmade in Spain.

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  • WAX DESIGN candles are handmade à Barcelona since 1996based on vegetable wax and local scents.
  • Fragrance: Bergamot"..
  • Estimated burning time depending on the model: 35h or 45h.
  • Pot with cork lid: 8 x 8.5 cm or 9.5 x 10 cm
  • We love it: The pretty pot glazed ceramic is also hand-painted, and can be reused afterwards indoors/outdoors e.g. for a plant!
  • Fresh and delicate scents.
Reference : CD-WD-Bergamot

*Due to its handmade nature, the pot you receive may be slightly different from the one shown here.


WAX DESIGN, was created in 1996 in Barcelona (Spain). It was initially a small workshop of artisanal candles...

The fragrances of the handmade candles and the colours of the ceramics are inspired by Wax Design's Mediterranean origin!

After travelling around Europe and discovering the latest trends in interior design, Rachel Torrecillas, founder and creative director of Wax Design, wanted to develop other product lines. This while continuing to manufacture the high quality scented candles. These candles that have made the reputation of the small company. This is how the collection of vases and bottles.

Wax Design is a story of passion. For the love of beautiful things in beautiful homes.


approx. 8.5 cm (35h) or approx. 10 cm (45h)


approx. 340g (35h) and approx. 640g (45h)


Vegetable wax + ceramic


approx. 8.5 cm (35h) or approx. 9.5 cm (45h)




35 hours, 45 hours


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