"Ceux qui vont sur la mer"...means ‘people who go to sea’ so it is not surprising that the unique articles have a seaside air about them.

Watching Sophie Le Fur at work carefully and meticulously knotting endless strips of striped fabric offcuts and seeing them transformed into decorative designer (even eco-friendly designer !) accessories, we have to say that "Ceux qui vont sur la mer " and its attractive, quality , upcycled articles represents everything Kabambî stands for!

Decorative objects from "Ceux qui vont sur la mer" are stunning in their design, texture and blend of colours. The fact they are 100% hand- made from high quality materials is a real plus. Once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it…try it and see!

Sophie works with major brand names like Le Minor (striped tops), Guy Cotten (waterproofs), Fileuses d’Arvor (knitwear) and Orca Accessories (leather goods) and chooses the offcuts herself to re-use in her creations.

The creations and their colours vary according to seasons and availability which makes Sophie’s articles unique, limited editions !

The range of accessories by "Ceux qui vont sur la mer" are elegant, but also ingeniously simple, practical and strong. They can be washed at 30°C.

NEWSFLASH: read the great article about Kabambî on the "Ceux qui vont sur la Mer" blog !

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