WERKHAUS stands for original creations in their conception and design, but it is also an environmentally responsible brand.


.... you develop and produce in Germany, where salaries are high and regulations are even higher. You want to create products, which are pretty, functional and good value at once. Throughout you want to work with handicapped persons and foreigners. And besides all that your whole company is focussed on the ecological aspects. Are you sure , that to want to earn money or do you want to save the world ?

Are you savable ? Now seriously: HAVE YOU GONE MAD ?

If it is mad to make simple things successful, than you have to call us crazy. As well as our numerous customers. For more than 20 years !

Ecological Responsibility

WERKHAUS offers a high degree of environmental friendliness by using recycled and thinning wood, non-toxic waxes and paints. Resources are saved by purchasing regenerative power and using a heating system powered by wooden offcuts.

Innovative Products

The original WERKHAUS connecting system won several design awards. The elements are plugged into each other and the links are fixed with rubber rings. Please find our selection of WERKHAUS products in the section "Small Furniture" and "Office & Stationery".

Production with responsibility

As varied as the range of green products are the people who work for WERKHAUS: 13% of the employees have physical or mental disabilities. WERKHAUS employ 20 trainees. More than seven nationalities are represented. 

The WERKHAUS production is based in the north of Germany, delivering all over the world ....



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