Exclusive to Kabamî:  Nzito !! Unique decorative objects made from recycled wood (driftwood, wood from "dhow" boats) in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

NZITO, a little Tanzanian firm which makes amazing creative objects using reclaimed wood from abandoned boats...

It was set up in 2000, when Australo-Kenyan designer, Nicola Swynnerton, came up with the idea of using old dhows (traditional wooden fishing boats) abandoned on the Zanzibar coast to create objects. Every boat has been weathered by salt, the sea and the wind to give it a unique character.

Today a team of Tanzanian craftsmen work to create unique objects (picture frames, candle holders, mirrors) from this local recycled wood and draw their inspiration from the shape of the wood itself.


I discovered these quality pieces while strolling through the Oyster Bay district of Dar Es Salaam during my last 8-month trip. I was looking for a photo frame to bring back to France. A work colleague recommended I should go to NZITO shop and studio. 

My meeting with Nicola and the objects were a revelation : not only did I bring back some magnificent photo frames in my luggage, I also came back with a project in mind : to set up Kabambi !


Kabambî is currently the sole importer of NZITO objects in Europe. So you won’t find them on sale anywhere else! Kabambî imports the collection directly without an intermediary.

As you can see, the items are not only unique and beautiful, they are also of excellent quality.



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