Since 1991, AS’ART has been devoted to the development of craft workshops in developing countries while respecting the principles of sustainable development.

Environmental conservation (minimal ecological footprint), social justice (good working conditions, higher than average pay for craftspeople), sustainable management (long-lasting partnerships, safeguarding craft workers’ skills), adapting products to meet Western requirements (design, stylism) and setting up a permanent quality control operation.

Preserving the environment :

AS’ART uses low-impact materials or ones which have a positive effect on the environment : stone (Kenya), wood (exclusively dead wood from rare hardwood trees in Mozambique, Kenya, South Africa), calabash (Kenya), fibre crops (Colombia), reclaimed materials (paper, plastic, metal, etc. South Africa), etc.

They use reclaimed cardboard, paper and plastic for packing their objects (like Kabambi !). AS’ART favours sea transport wherever possible.

Social justice and sustainable management:

AS’ART makes sure that good working conditions are respected and that pay is higher than the average for the country.

AS’ART supports all types of workshops : individual craft workers, co-operatives, micro-firms, NGOs, integration projects for deprived and HIV positive people (e.g. papier maché trays and bowls from South Africa), etc. These are long-term working partnerships.

Kabambi fell in love with the « Klikety Klik Box », little surprise boxes made by women in South Africa from the bases of plastic lemonade bottles following upcycling principles ("All Woman Recycling")

You can see them in the section  "Pots, Boxes & Co." ! An truly original gift idea which is bound to please !

Another dynamic idea from South Africa is the papier maché bowls and trays in coloured patterns inspired by African fabrics which are hand-made by a charity which helps HIV positive women.

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