RAMSA-5 & Upcycling: Photo frames, mirrors, small furniture and other decorative objects made from recycled oil drums !!

RAMSA-5 was set up in 1999 by Arnaud Sarasin, a young Frenchman who lives in Morocco. As he spoke the language and felt strongly about the problem of rubbish in general and pollutants in particular, his meeting with Naïm, founder of the « North African Fair Trade Foundation » was heaven-sent.

Working closely with the Organisation, Arnaud Sarasin opened a workshop, which transforms, i.e. recycles, used metal oil drums and tin cans collected in the area.

The village provided the premises and in exchange RAMSA-5 employs local craftspeople, thus perpetuating or developing local employment. The objects which are produced, like the picture frames and mirrors we offer are amazing : a stylish, primitive almost industrial design but one which lends itself to all types of interior.


We met Arnaud at the Salon Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris in September 2014 and were won over by his kindness and his way of doing business in a simple human way.

Materials which pollute the environment are transformed into beautiful, original objects and create jobs at the same time : “Beau et Bien” (attractive and well-made) are principles which are common to all our selections !

Livraison-Cadres-Ramsa-5  Futs-Ramsa-5  Cadre-Ramsa-5

Above : a photo frame delivery by Naïm in November 2014. The "raw material" of Ramsa-5 before and after!

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