Lilokawa recycles used hessian coffee sacks into cushions, pouffe-cubes (foot-stools), baskets and bags.

Coming from a family of coffee roasters in Rouen, Olivier was plunged into the world of coffee, its flavours and multiple origins from a very young age. Passionate about reclaiming natural materials and a serious decoration fan, Olivier started off by making objects for friends and family.

Then one day his hobby became his job when he met Ludovic, Manager of the ERDRE et LOIRE INITIATIVES (ELI) work integration unit at Ancenis. They decided to develop a Community Sewing Workshop at ELI to make decorative articles (cushions, baskets and bags) from 100% recycled hessian coffee sacks.

The philosophy of Lilokawa is to produce items in a responsible, sustainable way following the principles of eco-design. By recycling coffee sacks, Lilokawa helps to limit the volume of material treated at rubbish dumps. The sacks are completely recycled : hessian offcuts, which are biodegradable plant matter, are used as a mulch in local parks.

By collecting used coffee sacks within a 200km radius of the workshop and transforming them themselves, Lilokawa limits transport and reduces the impact of its activity on the environment to a minimum.

The sacks are washed, ironed, cut and sewn with great care. They become attractive, practical, robust objects featuring words or drawings from the country of origin of the sack.

For some creations, the hessian is used in conjunction with other natural fabrics like cotton (offcuts from fisherman’s smocks), linen and hemp. For others the lining is made from advertising tarpaulins, making the objects both waterproof and strong. Almost all of these materials are collected locally.

We have selected cushions, baskets and bags for indoor and outdoor use, all « Made in Nantes » !


A few pictures of the Lilokawa Workshop in Nantes:


Not forgetting a photo of the creator, Olivier Vaudour, himself...  and please have a look into the Lilokawa workshop on this youtube video !


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