YANA cheese knife and chip grater, engraved blade. Lib


  • When Brittany invites itself to the dessert...
  • This elegant cheese knife is also a chip grater for parmesan or comté cheese!
  • Quality 100% made in France.
  • The blade- Bigouden headdress, made in Thiers, is engraved in Brittany*The sleevein ash or beech depending on the model**is shot in Brittany
  • The ideal original gift for the in love with Brittany!
  • L: 21 cm, including blade: 11 cm.
Reference : CD_Yana

* The motif engraved on the blade is inspired by the Gavrinis tumulus (56 - Morbihan).

** Natural: beech/ Black stained: ash.

At Kabambî, established on the tip of BrittanyAt the end of the world (!), we like this nod to the famous Bigoudène. Everything is there: aestheticism, quality and efficiency!

The cheese grater included in the classic blade is a patent registered with the INPI by Lib.

A great gift idea 100% made in France, which will delight the fans of Brittany, and the Bretons themselves


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