Recycled glass and wicker candle holder. Nkuku

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  • The combination of the recycled glass and of thewicker makes a nice decoration, which you can use as a photophore but also as vase or planter!
  • Natural styleoriginal colour of thefluted wicker by hand by Indian craftsmen for Nkuku
  • The beautiful cane pattern and warm tones will create a cosy atmosphere.
  • It is also a very nice gift idea!
  • Available in 3 sizes.
Reference : CD_PHOTCAN

NKUKUThe story begins with a British family who travels the world for several years, lingering in India and Africa, meeting people and cultures, and learning about local know-how.

Rich from these encounters with the world's craftsmen, the family returned to Great Britain and created NKUKU, named after a village in Zambia.

NKUKU is specialized in the creation and marketing of decorative objects handmade by artisansin accordance with the fair trade andenvironment. These achievements are the marriage of ancient craftsmanship with designs and implement contemporary natural or recycled materials.

NKUKU is part of a fair trade approach: the manufacturers are paid a decent wage and work in good conditions. Of course, the work is not done by children.


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