Antibes" cushion, 45×45 cm, linen look and feel. Recycled PET. In-outdoor.

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  • The cushions Antibes Weaver Green have the look, softness and comfort of natural linen...but are stain resistant, machine washable CAR...they are in fact made with recycled PET bottles!

  • Not interesting for moths and mites! 

  • Upholstery also made of recycled bottles!
  • 45 x 45 cm.
  • Also suitable for outdoor use!
  • For a Shabby chic decoration ! 
Reference : CD_ANTIBES-01

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WEAVER GREEN is an eco-friendly brand, which transforms plastic bottles into a soft, resistant and machine washable fabric...

It all started when the founders, Tasha and Barney, during a trip to Asia came across a very basic, but sturdy, fishing line made of plastic bottles.

Barney had experience in the flooring industry, and was also familiar with weaving. Tasha produced organic beverages and had a passion for antique textiles.

So together, Tasha and Barney came up with a way to help clean up the 35 billion plastic bottles that pollute the planet.

This is how this robust, soft and eco-friendly material came about!