Ladybird XL in recycled metal. Handmade. Zimbabwe


  • Lucky charm and heralds the beautiful season in size XL. This friendly ladybird giant will make you fall in love!
  • To put or hang on the wall (ventral hole).
  • Decorate your home or garden!
  • Fair trade. Zimbabwe.
  • This ladybird is a piece  uniquebecause it is made handmade from recovered metal (*).
  • Rustproof varnish.
  • Size: 49 x 40 x 15 cm (approx. 3.3 kg)
Reference : CD_Cocci-XL

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(*) Handcrafted, the ladybird you will receive may be slightly different from the one in the picture.

An XL lucky charm to offer or to give! Beautiful for the house or the garden!

Maintenance tip: The creations of A & P are protected by an anti-corrosion varnish. As with any other metal object that is permanently outdoors, and in order to keep the colours intact, you can simply maintain it throughout the year with Rustol, applied with a brush.

A & P markets its creations mainly at large exhibitions or garden shows, with florists and garden designers, as well as with some distributors, such as Kabambî !


approx 15 cm


approx. 40 cm


Recycled metal, recycled metal - upcycling


Length: 49 cm


approx. 3.3 kg




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