PELERIN "Gabrielle" travel & writing notebook. Lamali

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  • Superb notebook very graphic. It seduced both by sight and touch.
  • Its special feature: its pages of different colours and textures*.
  • To place his writings, photos, cut-outs, dried plants...
  • A unique, very personal object...
  • Completely made up by hand in Nepal. Cotton link, leather amulet.
  • 16 x 21 x 5 cm.
Reference : CD_Gabrielle

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*The "lokta" paper is a paper made in the traditional way in Nepal. It was originally intended for the writings of Buddhist monks. It is made from the bark of a bush, the daphne, from which a paper pulp is made. The leaves are dried on wooden frames in the wind of the hills.

The natural colour of this paper is beige/grey. Nowadays, it is sometimes tinted as for the cover of the notebook, but the craftsmanship remains the same.

Beyond its function as a notebook, it is a beautiful object to which you will become attached.

It is also a very good idea for a stylish gift to someone special.


Learn more about LAMALI's commitment to the workshops since 1993 Nepalese.


21 cm


16 cm


Handmade paper, Vegetable fibres


5 cm


approx. 370 gr



1 review for Carnet PELERIN “Gabrielle” de voyage & d’écriture. Lamali

  1. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    A precious box ! Superb notebook, mixture of textures inside, it does not lack charm!

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