Pillar candle from eSwatini (ex Swaziland) "White Stars


  • Candle in the shape of a small pillar made by hand in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland). This "Swazi Candel" reason "White Stars" has the particularity of burning slowly, forming a natural photophore which lets the light filter through the atypical drawings.
  • Fair trade.
  • Does not sink.
  • Unscented.
  • H: 9 cm, Ø 9 cm, approx. 450 gr.
  • Many patterns and sizes available.
Reference : CD_WhiteST

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A natural wax candle holder

The candle is made of 2 kinds of wax: The hard, coloured outer wax can also be used for a tea light, e.g. when the central wax is burnt out. It becomes a natural wax candle holder.

Handmade candles & Fair Trade

These Swazi Candels are manufactured since 1982 at SWAZILAND (renamed eSwatini in April 2018)The country is a small kingdom landlocked by South Africa and bordered by Mozambique.

The candles are made entirely by hand according to the particular technique of "Millefiore".

Swazi Candles employs 45 people on a permanent basis. Swazi Candles is a founding member of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade Association).


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