"Akha baby". Postcard, on art paper. Stéphanie Ledoux.


  • How can one not be moved by the power of the works of the Toulouse artist? Stéphanie Ledoux ?
  • The postcards from his original works are an invitation to travel (here "Baby Akha - Burma")).
  • Swan art paper 300 g/m2.
  • 13x 13 cm.
  • Beautiful also in decoration, framed or not !
Reference : CD_SLBBAkhaCP

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We had a crush on Stéphanie Ledoux's work,

a travelling artist, whom we discovered through a client!

Her drawings take us around the world to meet other cultures, through touching and powerful portraits. Stéphanie is a very talented artist, sincere and generous in her encounters in the 4 corners of the globe. Simple and true.

At Kabambî you can find some of these works in reproduction, poster and postcard format.


13 cm


13 cm


Swan art paper 300 g/m2, Art paper




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