Baobab 13 cm in aluminium, handmade, Madagascar.


  • Elegant baobabmade in such a way as to artisanal* by founders of Madagascarfromaluminium. 
  • Simply as a decoration, as a small jewellery holder (bracelets, rings, earrings)...
  • Height approx. 13 cm, Ø approx. 8 cm.
  • Available in other sizes. Don't hesitate to combine them to create a small forest!
  • Brand: Passer'Ailes, craftsmen from Madagascar.
Reference : CD_7458

(*) The aluminium baobab you will receive may be slightly different from the one in the picture.

For this range of objects made in Madagascar in recycled aluminum, KABAMBÎ works with PASSER'AILES, importing partner of several Malagasy workshops, each working with a specific material.

AMBATOLAMPY'S aluminum recycling foundries:

These workshops of aluminium founders are all grouped in a village located at 70 kms from Tananarive. They are very old family businesses that mainly manufacture cooking pots from of recycled aluminium (engine heads, aluminium profiles...). The new generations are trying to renew themselves by working with companies like Passerailes but it's just the beginning.

The work, if it is done with rudimentary means requires a very precise knowledge. The objects made are very careful, with finishes that leave nothing to chance.

PASSER'AILES - a solidarity trade company

Passer'ailes is a company of solidarity tradecreated in 2004 in Gironde, to make known and distribute the creations of the craftsmen of Madagascar.

Passer'ailes does not intervene in the management of the workshop. It is then that it takes over to establish the link to the outside world and broaden the horizons of Malagasy craftsmen. In Francethrough a light structurePasser'ailes fits its commercial offer to the fluctuating production capacity of the workshopIt makes its partners aware of this constraint.

Ethical trade

The distribution of the products respects the rules of fair trade. "Buying fair trade is not an act of generosity, but rather an act of balanced trade where everyone, craftsmen and consumers, can find their place. On this condition, the exchange will be sustainable and will bring the hope of a real development for the craftsmen. Passer'ailes tightly controls its costslimits intermediaries, and is committed to the fair payment the work of each individual to ensure that the prices of the objects remain in line with their manufacturing cost. Its commercial margins are established.

KABAMBî adheres to the Passer'Ailes operating principles and respects the recommended prices, which are considered "ethically correct" by Passer'Ailes. 

A showcase for the know-how and creativity of these craftsmen who are forging a more dignified daily life with their hammers, Passer'ailes invites encounters by building a bridge between two worlds that time has separated.


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