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Par Rebecca A. (London, United Kingdom) le 11 May 2020 :

Produit évalué : Photo frame for 4 DIN-A4 pictures. Reclaimed wood.


This frame is so stunning, the wood is beautiful and I can't wait to put it up! Many thanks. I would highly recommend this website; such kind and professional service.

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Par Agnes G. (Wien, Austria) le 08 July 2019 :

Produit évalué : Grape lamp "Baladi" bicolour, mouthblown. Maison d'Alep.

Grape lampe from Syria

Dear Mr. Dahlbender,

Today the parcel with the grape lamp just arrived in Vienna!
Thanks to your e-mail I knew the cardboard would be big ... but it was really big and well-signed "fragile" stickers.
I opened the cardbord and ... WOW! we were all really surprised and astonished by such a beautiful and logic (!) packaging ... it was in layers from the outside to the inside and posed on two super-thick layers bulb-paper.
The lamp itself it has already it´s first photo ... in the packed status! .... it just looks beautiful with all the cotton-like batting inbetween the glass-parts !!! :) We laughed a lot.
That would be a useful photo for your website with the words "don´t worry for the transport, we fix it."
Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the diligence that must have been quite a work. It´s very often I order in france and there had been very different experiences with the packaging of the parcels an the Austrian postal services. Never seen such a well-packed thing arriving. Made my day.
... it was worth it, the lamp arrived intact, unbroken and stays now in Vienna.

Best regards,

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Par Julia W. (Audierne, France) le 20 Oct. 2018 :

Produit évalué : Magnetic lizard memo holder, recycled leather. Green. VACAVALIENTE.

Le Lizard verte et mon pere qui rite.

My father loved this gift. Bright, fun and useful. He has a small apartment, so this green lizard saves on space.

So glad I found a gift store only a few metres from his house!

Thank you for your assistance!

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Par Bella I. (Lyme Regis, United Kingdom) le 13 Nov. 2017 :

Produit évalué : Glass "Drop" - TRANSPARENT - mouth-blown from recycled glass.

Bella Pringle

I was so happy to receive these beautiful glass drops by post. All of them arrived in perfect condition and each one is individual and unique.

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Par Bella I. (Lyme Regis, United Kingdom) le 13 Nov. 2017 :

Produit évalué : Glass "Drop" - AMBER - mouth-blown. Syria.

Bella Pringle

These glass drops are stunning. Each one is handblown and looks so beautiful when you hold it up to the light. I'm going to use them as Christmas tree decorations.

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Par Di F. (CHICHESTER - West Sussex, United Kingdom) le 01 July 2017 :

Produit évalué : Glass "Drop" - TURQUOISE - mouth-blown from recycled glass.

Thank you.

Thank you. My package was well wrapped and nothing was broken. Thank you for th
brilliant customer service and assistance, the glass drops are perfect and exactly what I wanted and thank you for your "little gift", you really shouldn't have but it was a lovely touch. I will keep looking at your website and will hopefully see something soon.

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Par Thomas B. (Gaithersburg, United States (USA)) le 05 Dec. 2016 :

Produit évalué : Pencil Holder Quadruped - Hippo - WERKHAUS

Hippo Pencil Holder by Werkhaus

What can I say, my wife is an executive who adores hippos as much as when she was a child, and this is a pretty fashionable hippo. She's also a Francophile, so even though this was made in Germany she was happy it came via France. And if she's happy I'm happy! But seriously, this a well-engineered item that doesn't look like it was made just for children. If only they made an American muscle car version for me!

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